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Integration and Scope

A note for creative minds:

   Many of the visual examples in the holistic project leadership and management guide (HPLMguide™) pictured above have been created using mind mapping software, enhanced with the Mapping Action Pack (MAP) add-in.

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QTunnel Business Consulting

QTunnel Business Consulting (QT) has learned from experience that providing practice-based leadership and management expertise, combined with pedagogically qualified training of project team members—customized to the specific requirements of the team—provides the maximal return-on-investment for organizations acquiring the service of a consultancy.

     QTunnel Business Consulting provides leadership and management support and training service to clients covering a wide range of topics and concepts, including:

     When being considered as one of the consultancies for a project, QT now recommends in most cases that it provide training in the unique QT leadership and management approach to selected members of the organization rather than "run the project" directly. Empowered by the newly gained knowledge, insight, and confidence, the employees will be well-suited to run the project themselves.

     This QT training, paired with the subsequent project success, will raise the motivation level of employees and thus make them more productive, will raise the organization's skill and qualification baselines, will enable better decision making, and will provide a higher and more realistic rate-of-return (ROI) for the money invested rather than spending consulting fees (exorbitant in case of big name consultancies) for the entire life of the project. And, a significant follow-up effect of all these improvements taken together will be the resulting positive impact on customers. For more information see the page QT Approach and (below on this page) QT Training Service.

QT Training Service Topics

QTunnel enjoys providing training service for the following topics (this list is loosely alphabetical in roughly subject-related order):

  • Critical thinking
  • Holistic thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Aspects of communication
  • How to ask questions
  • How to analyze and synthesize answers
  • How to get a project started on the right foot
  • How to develop a SPOR (Single-Point-Of-Reference) project charter
  • How to lead a project to successful completion
  • How to produce a PCAD (Project Closure Acceptance Documentation) document
  • How to turn routine business processes into projects to stimulate creativity and create dynamics of actions
  • How to bring out, capture, and structure creative ideas
  • How to lead organizational development
  • Decision analysis and decision making under uncertainty
  • Management accounting as a tool for project controlling
  • Using APL programming as a workout tool for the mind

QT Areas of Experience

QTunnel has enjoyed providing project leadership and project management service (in full time employment and in consulting functions) in the following areas (alphabetic order):

  • Banking (international and private U.S. institutions)
  • Government agencies (federal and international)
  • Industrial engineering (IT corporation, international)
  • Judicial branch (state level)
  • Law enforcement (state level)
  • Manufacturing (aircraft, international)
  • Manufacturing (automotive, international)
  • Manufacturing (OCR systems, international)
  • Manufacturing (pet food, international)
  • Small Businesses (international)
  • Software development (international and state level)
  • Systems analysis (international and state level)
  • Teaching (university extension level)
  • Technical writing (IT corporation, international)
  • Textbook authoring
  • Training (international companies, internal)
  • Using mind mapping software to lead and manage projects (state agencies and private businesses)


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